Third Grade Experiments

Whenever you are confused about a science lesson or concept, performing an experiment usually solves the problem. Experiments demonstrate the concept visually so your  imagination is helped along and you can understand the lesson exactly. Many experiments in the third grade are not experiments at all. Some of them are activities which are done now and will be built on or added to in later grades. You may want to keep some of your science activities and old experiments in case they'll be needed again in the future. That way you don't have to keep making the structures, if any, over and over again.  

Structure of DNA


1 pack of toothpicks (50‐100 pieces)
5 colors of clay
Illustration board (¼ size)


1. Choose four inside colors for your toothpicks and one outside color. For these instructions, we will use red, blue, green, and purple for the inside, and yellow on the outside.

2. Take a bit of red clay and roll it into a small oblong shape, make sure it is small enough to fit onto one end of one toothpick (you will stick your toothpick through the oblong clay), only covering half the toothpick and leave a bit of space at the end.

3. Do the same to the blue shape, and stick it onto the same toothpick as the red clay, only on the opposite side. You should have a toothpick that is half red and half blue with the sharp points of the toothpick sticking out on both sides.

4. Follow this procedure for the green and purple clay. Remember only red and blue can go together, and only green and purple can go together. Stop when you have 10 red‐blue sticks and 10 green‐purple sticks.

5. Take your yellow clay and work it into two long and relatively thin rope‐like shapes of more or less equal lengths (about 2 feet). Make sure it isn't too thin that it will break, about the size of your pinky should do.

Page Two: More Steps on How to Make a Structure of DNA (Third Grade Experiments continued)

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