Animal Life Cycles

All animals have life cycles. Some are pretty complex, while others are very simple. Animal life cycles are a part of the fun science lessons for kids. There are really simple life cycles which are usually three stages: before birth, infancy or youth, and adulthood. During youth, animals tend to look like their parents only smaller and more fragile. Their skills are also not yet perfected. Many are either born straight from their mother or are hatched from eggs. This simple life cycle usually applies to birds, mammals, reptiles, and fish.

Some animals go through a process of metamorphosis. Metamorphosis can be classified as complete or incomplete. These are animals that start out as eggs, become larva, and then for complete metamorphosis turn into pupas before turning into adults, while for incomplete metamorphosis they go from larva straight into adults. Animal metamorphosis is one of the fun science lessons for kids. If your parents will let you keep an insect, you might want to try studying the life cycle of a dragonfly or butterfly.

Another type of animal that goes through metamorphosis are amphibians. Frogs, for example, go through very big changes from babies to adulthood. Frogs are usually hatched from eggs and turn into tadpoles. They spend their youth underwater and breathing through gills. By the time they become adults, they breathe through lungs. That's a really big change! Think about the respiratory. How do you think a frog's respiratory system develops?

One of the fun science lessons for kids which you can learn through the help of a pet is to raise a tadpole. Watching the development of a tadpole can really help you understand frog metamorphosis by seeing it happen in front on you! If you feel tadpoles end up being too slimy to keep as pets, you can try keeping dragonflies or butterflies, but these are usually harder to care for. The projects section will teach you how to raise a tadpole, as well as track its metamorphosis.

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