One of the major things that governs our lives is electricity. We need electricity to power things around our home, like lights, water heaters, stoves, refrigerators and other kitchen appliances, our television and our computers! We also see electricity outside our home, our schools, city buildings, street lights, and these days some of our cars run on electricity! Electricity can also be seen in the air. Lightning and static are forms of electricity that seem to appear straight out of the air. So what is this amazing power?

Electricity is actually the flow of electric power or an electric charge. Electricity classifies as secondary energy. This means that it is taken from another form of energy before being transferred into electric energy. For example, heat energy from the ground, called geothermal energy can be transformed into electric energy and later on distributed as electricity. This fascinating conversion makes for a great 4th grade science project, and in fact, creating electricity helps students understand its power, and how many things can be turned into electrical power!

An electric current is the movement of electricity or of an electric charge. This current can be alternate or direct. The most common example of an electric current is what flows from your electric sockets into the plugs of your appliances. Electric currents are the result of the electrical charge of some subatomic particles. Since subatomic particles can be positive or negative, charges or their amounts can also be considered positive or negative. Before taking on any 4th grade science project for electricity, do some research on the atom and its parts!

An electric circuit is a contained electric current, or it is an electric network in a circle. This means that it goes around or is contained. You can find a lot of electric circuits around your home since most of your home is powered by electricity. All your light bulbs are connected to a circuit, either by itself, or also connected to the rest of your home. Among the 4th grade science project for kids which you will find in the projects section, you will find a project which allows you to harness charged particles to form an electric circuit.

Electricity can be harnessed from many different places. All you need are the charged particles. As a result, people have turned to solar power, hydro-power, geothermal power (as mentioned), all to generate electricity. For a more complicated 4th grade science project, see if you can create a closed circuit that harnesses any of these powers. Solar power will probably be the easiest!

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